Enterprise D

This Project started in mid 2009. I had some experience in 3D modelling and I wanted to make a 3D model of Enterprise D with all the rooms shown in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation and all the corridors. From the beginning I planed to use Rick Sternbach plans I made bridge and first 3 decks back in 2009 and took a break. The modelling started again in October 2012 inspired by release of Star Trek: The Next Generation blu ray discs. Although I have had enough experience in 3D, and the models looked good at the time, after 3 years I began to notice mistakes I made and I decided that if I wanted to go ahead with this it all had to be corrected.

Mid 2009

started modelling Enteprise D bridge and decks 1, 2 and 3

Somewhere during fall 2009

finished modelling the bridge and decks

September 2012

after a 2 years I looked back at bridge and decks and I see there's much of the re-modeling to be done

October 2012

Started modelling Enterprise D Engineering. Warp core took some time to model properly since I didn't have blueprints. Much of the work went to making floor plan for engineering from perspective photos (screencaps).

25.10. 2012

The Enterprise D bridge that I have modeled in 2009/2012 is full of mistakes and bad geometry with lots of n-gons. It was also full of low res parts and it wasn't fully textured. Lighting was also very bad. Also, this was bridge from Star Trek - Generations. I had to re-model it to stay true to the series Star Trek: The next generation. Most of the work is done on remodeling.


I finished re-modelling enterprise bridge. I didn't expect I would have to remodel everything. Literally everything had to be remodeled. I still need to texture and render it.


Remodeling of the old bridge is finished. Textures are all UV mapped and UVW unwrapped. The only thing left is to render it in high quality.


Bridge remodeling, texturing and remodeling is finished. Time to move back to the engineering. I put textures and tried few first renders. There are left some modeling and adjusting texturing and lighting.

January 2013

The engineering modelling and texturing is finished.

February 2013

Captain's office is remodeled and re-textured.

April 2013

Finished remodeling corridors.


Started modelling transporter room and had to take a break because of college exams.


Finished modelling transporter room. Next is turbolift


Turbolift is finished

August 2014

Started modelling Enterprise D exterior

December 2014

Finished Enterprise D exterior

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